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Step into a realm where love reigns supreme, where each instant transforms into a masterpiece. As you explore my wedding photography, you'll discover that my lens doesn't merely capture images; it immortalizes emotions. Every frame weaves a narrative of your singular love story. With a discerning eye for detail and an unwavering dedication to crafting timeless memories, I'm here to transform your wedding day into a gallery of extraordinary moments. Explore this beautiful world through my lens, where your love radiates most brilliantly.

My love for capturing weddings is rooted in the profound and exceptional moments I have the privilege of witnessing. The connections between newlyweds, their friends, and their families are always uniquely enchanting. I cherish the opportunity to document these moments unobtrusively yet actively, seamlessly blending into the scene without disrupting the natural energy that envelops those I am fortunate to document.

Elopements and intimate weddings hold a special place in my heart due to the depth of intimacy they embody. Establishing a personal and stylistic connection with the couple is paramount. It begins with an in-depth conversation, where I ask questions to unravel their vision for their special day. Often, this connection begins with an engagement shoot, affording us time to delve into their relationship and the intricacies of their wedding..

The Process

As the wedding day draws near, I'm committed to supporting the couple as much as I can. Whether it's visiting the venue to discuss aesthetics and the shot list or brainstorming design concepts and floral arrangements, I'm there to assist. I meticulously craft a shot list for the couple's review, encouraging them to add specific shots and details they hold dear. Together, we ensure our expectations align seamlessly.

On the wedding day itself, it's all systems go. Armed with my professional equipment and a well-prepared shot list, I present myself in attire that exudes professionalism, whether it's a suit or a tasteful dark ensemble. My ultimate goal is to create an environment where the couple and their guests can be wholly present and true to themselves. I aim to capture their authenticity, from moments of sheer joy and laughter to the raw, heartfelt tears and boundless love they share.

Following the wedding, I dedicate myself to delivering a generous image package, typically within 2-4 weeks, depending on the extent of our photography coverage. But the journey doesn't end there. After the digital files are delivered, I work closely with the couple to create stunning framed collages and/or a meticulously curated wedding photo album. These tangible treasures hold the essence of your extraordinary day, ensuring that the love and memories you've shared will be cherished forever.

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To make your shoot stand out, it’s crucial to have some tricks and tips up your sleeve to guarantee you get the photos you and the clients want. By adhering to some basic guidelines, you can capture every detail, candid moment, and a formal portrait of the big day, creating memories that will last a lifetime.

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The average cost of a Washington, DC wedding photographer ranges between $1600-$5000, depending on the size and length of the wedding, and the experience of the photographer. However, even the latter has exceptions (some people are willing to charge more because they can in this area). DC and other big cities are notorious for high wedding photographer prices.

Ideally, you should book a wedding photographer for a small elopement that is only a couple of hours long at least 1-2 months in advance. For a larger-sized wedding that will be a full day of shooting, it’s best to book at least 1 year out. Generally, clients book between 9-18 months in advance as this is one of the first vendors they book once they get engaged.

As with most of this, it depends on the length and size of your wedding. For a 2-hour, small elopement, you will receive on average between 200-350 photos. For larger weddings that take up a full day (between 8-12 hours), that number can easily get into one thousand, but on average it is between 800-1000.

The best time of day for an outdoor wedding is late afternoon around 4:30. Once the sun begins setting, it’s a great opportunity to capture some backlit and golden-light hour images that will have a stunning ethereal effect.

You technically need a permit to take wedding photos inside of the monuments, however, you are fine to take images outside of the sites, like on the Lincoln Memorial steps or in between the pillars around the outside of the memorial. One recommendation is to take photos at lesser-known, but still beautiful monuments like the DC War Memorial.

For larger weddings in particular, expect a contract that outlines an 8-week turnaround period. For smaller weddings, 1-2 weeks is a more reasonable time frame to receive your full image package.

Most of the time, yes! Typically wedding photographers are in the niche of couples photography, which would include engagement shoots. When booking an engagement shoot with a photographer you like, ask them if they shoot weddings as well. This is a great way to book both shoots at the same time, and you may just get a discount as well!

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