Travel & Landscape Photographer | Washington DC

Rachel is a passionate travel and landscape photographer who specializes in capturing the breathtaking beauty of destinations around the world. 

With my lens as my guide, I have ventured to stunning locations in North America, the Caribbean, and throughout Europe, documenting the awe-inspiring landscapes and cultural wonders that these places have to offer. 

Whether you are a travel agency, tourism board, or simply an avid traveler seeking captivating imagery to inspire your wanderlust, I invite you to explore my portfolio. From the iconic landmarks to the hidden gems, my photographs will transport you to these enchanting destinations, leaving you longing to explore and discover the world.

Let's collaborate to bring the beauty of these destinations to life. Contact me to discuss how my travel and landscape photography can add a touch of wanderlust and visual allure to your project or walls. Together, we can create imagery and prints that captivate and inspire.

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Joshua Tree National Park, Jumbo Rocks, 2021 in Color

Joshua Tree National Park, Jumbo Rocks, 2021 in Black & White

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