Newborn Photographer | Washington DC

Rachel specializes in capturing the beauty, tenderness, and love that surrounds the arrival of your little one. From those precious first days to the fleeting moments of their early stages, Rachel creates timeless portraits that celebrate the joy and connection within your growing family. With a deep understanding of newborns' unique needs, Rachel ensures a safe and comfortable environment for both baby and parents. With a gentle touch and an eye for detail, Rachel artfully documents the cherished moments you'll want to hold onto forever. Trust Hitchcock Creative to preserve these priceless memories and create stunning images that will be treasured for a lifetime.



Ideally, you want to schedule the newborn's photoshoot around or before the 2-week mark. Although this may seem too early, it is the best time as the newborn is usually sleepier and more cooperative. An alternative time will be at the 1-month mark as sometimes this can be more relaxing for the new parents than the first couple of weeks with a new baby.

A typical newborn photoshoot with me lasts around 30 minutes to an hour, depending on the number of photos requested, how many people are included, if the baby requires diaper changes, feeding etc. during the shoot. I try to keep it short and sweet for overall ease for the family and baby. It is essential to discuss any concerns or questions regarding the photoshoot duration before the shoot.

I ensure the baby is always in a safe position and setting, and I ask that the parents remain present for the duration of the photo shoot to ensure their comfort throughout the process.

Of course! I am here to preserve those precious family moments. Including the family allows you to remember these moments together. In addition to the parents and other children or family members, you can also include your furry friend in the shoot, as they are just as much a part of the family.

Depending on the number of photos taken and the package chosen will determine how long it will take to receive the photos back. Typically, it takes me 5 business days or less to send over the photos from the newborn session.

There's no guarantee that your newborn photoshoot will go as planned. If your newborn is unsettled or won't stop crying, I am more than understanding and happy to reschedule the shoot for a later date. However, it may be possible to soothe and settle your newborn with a little patience.

To ensure the focus remains on the newborn and their precious natural state, it's recommended for them to wear soft, natural colors during the photoshoot. Feel free to bring along multiple outfits or swaddles for your newborn, allowing you to choose your preferred ones for the session.

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