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After years of hard work and dedication, you deserve to remember your graduation day for the rest of time. Capture your feelings and remember your accomplishments forever with stunning, professional portraits beautifully capturing your special day.



Ideally, you should organise your graduation shoot a couple of months before your graduation when you’d like to have photos to share. If you schedule the graduation photoshoot a couple of weeks before your graduation, it will be less stressful than doing it during your exams or on the day of graduation.

The location of your graduation photoshoot is completely up to your preference, whether it be somewhere meaningful to you or a beautiful location on campus. Make sure you have a chat with the photographer about the location(s) and the best time to take photos before the scheduled shoot day.

Typically, graduation photoshoots cost around $400-$700, which includes the photographer’s time, editing and image package. The cost is determined by the location(s) of the shoot, the number of photos requested and the length of the photo shoot. I charge a starting rate of $400 and offer additional print and framing packages. 

There is no need to stress! No matter what, your photographer will help you to make your graduation photos look great by helping you feel comfortable and optimise the environment in which you’re being photographed. When I’m taking graduation portraits, I always consider the comfort of the model and compositionally–the lighting, location and micro-environments within a space, suggesting poses to encourage the model to feel confident and stunning. 

Be sure to communicate with your photographer about the ideas you have in mind for your graduation photos. 

The duration of a graduation photo shoot depends on several factors, including the photographer, the package you choose, how many photos, the number of people involved etc. For my graduation shoots, I like to keep it at or around 1 hour long, so make sure you account for that when scheduling the shoot.

Of course! Your graduation photoshoot is all about capturing these moments with your family and friends. Be sure to tell the photographer in advance that other people will be joining your graduation shoot as this could change the final pricing or timing of the session. Another alternative to having family (or friends) join your solo portrait session is to hire a day-of graduation photographer to take family photos after the graduation, when everyone is in town and dressed up. 

If the weather is unfavourable, there are plenty of options for alternatives, such as utilising alternative locations, moving to an indoor space or rescheduling the shoot for another day. The photographer will talk you through the options if this is the case. I typically schedule an alternative rain day, just in case rescheduling is needed. 

Yes! I love to design custom frames, collages, and albums for my clients. This can be hands-on or off as we work to design a cherish physical memory that will last forever. 

An initial deposit of half the total amount of the photo session is required to book a graduation shoot. If the client cancels within 48 hours of the scheduled shoot time, they will not receive that initial deposit back, but will not be required to pay the other half. If they cancel before that timeframe, I will fully refund their deposit. Rescheduling is allowed up until 24 hours before the scheduled shoot day and time. 

If you are interested in scheduling a graduation session with me, reach out via email at or text message at 774-254-6314. 

Graduation photos are ones that you want to keep for a lifetime to remember what you have and will continue to achieve. Hiring a professional photographer will ensure these photos beautifully capture the emotions and feel of your graduation day. With years of experience, I have a keen eye for detail, knowledge, and skill with my high-end equipment to ensure your graduation photo shoot is one that you will think back on and appreciate and enjoy the photos for the rest of time. 

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