Washington DC Photo Walk Experiences

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Each of my photo walk experiences has been carefully crafted to include some of the most iconic Washington DC monuments while taking in scenic views and quintessential American heritage and design.

Whether you an experienced photographer wanting to make the most of your time photographing the sites of DC, or a beginner looking to learn more about mobile photography or are a new camera user, my flexible photowalks offer an educational and cultural experience for everyone.

Learn Photography in DC  |  Monument Walk  |  Book on Airbnb

1 hr and 15 min

Locations: Washington Monument, World War II Memorial, DC World War I Memorial, Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial, and the Lincoln Memorial

Bring a camera of any kind (DSLR, Mirrorless, Phone, iPad, GoPro, etc.)

All you need is a camera and a little bit of time! Walk along the National Mall with me and witness the constant movement and grandiose architecture that fills the land in between the Washington Monument and Lincoln Memorial.

Whether you’re just visiting Washington, D.C. or are a local looking to see their backyard in a new way, this private photo walk will teach you how to take beautiful and unique pictures with your camera. (No skill required, just bring your gear and eyes!)

Over the course of 1 hour and 15-30 minutes, we will walk from the Washington Monument to the World War II Memorial. Then we will move to the quieter side of the mall and see the DC War Memorial, Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial at the tidal basin, and end at the iconic Lincoln Memorial.

I will be photographing alongside you, sharing my photographs and providing tips to take great photographs that you’ll want to share with others and consider turning into a print for your home. You will capture the beauty of each memorial while learning about the city of D.C.

Please arrive 5 minutes before the start time. We will meet at the Washington Monument.

Let’s go explore DC with our camera!



Very good experience that allows you to think like more a photographer. It was a very valuable takeaway for me. Thank you so much.


Rachel was great! It was exactly what I was looking for. She helped my wife and I with the fundamentals of photography and taught us how to use different features with a professional camera as well as the theory behind the operations. She’s very knowledgeable and accommodating. We had a great time! 📸📸


If you want to take masterful, artful photos with your phone and have a wonderful time learning, then signup for this experience. This is the second tour I’ve booked with Rachel, and I loved it!


It was my first time in DC so I wanted to get some great pictures while I was there. Rachel gave me great pointers and even showed me how to use my camera better. She was very welcoming and knowledgeable. I had a really great time taking pictures with her and would definitely do it again when I come back. Thank you, Rachel!

Learn Photography in DC  |  Smithsonian Walk  |  Book on Airbnb

1 hr and 30 min

Locations: Museum of African American History and Culture, National Gallery of Art, Museum of the American Indian, Hirshhorn Museum, Smithsonian Castle

Over the course of an hour and thirty minutes, we will walk and photograph the many cultural and art museums along the National Mall. I will be photographing alongside you, providing you with tips to take great photographs that you’ll want to share with others and consider turning into a print for your home. You will capture the beauty of each museum while learning about what you can see inside, the history of the city, and general tips about navigating the Smithsonian.

Please arrive 5 minutes before the start time. We will meet at the African American History and Culture Musuem at 1400 Constitution NW.

Let’s go explore DC with our camera!


Excellent experience! Rachel has created a great option for a really neat tourist experience. Rachel is very sweet and a delightful host. I greatly appreciated the photo tips and ideas she provided. I highly recommend this unique experience!


I received this experience as a gift because I have been wanting to get reacquainted with my camera again. Rachel was very helpful and patient in sharing her knowledge in a fun, easy-going manner. I would highly recommend this experience and this host!


Rachel was a great host! Talkative and friendly, she walked us through some of the monuments giving us tips and tricks for creative shots. Rachel was able to answer questions with ease as they related to the art of photography, and gave us some not well known history of things in DC! Highly recommend this experience!


What an incredible experience! Within three minutes I learned how to grid my photo shot, adjust the light, and create an effect based on how I positioned my phone while shooting. Three minutes! The lessons I learned from Rachel (including to “look up”) have changed my photos from pretty good to stunning.


Thank you Rachel for a great walking tour and photo lesson on the National Mall! I booked the experience for my family and we had a great time. Comparing the photos we had taken around the Mall to those that we took on the Mall showed how much of a difference her ideas and teaching helped! Would highly recommend to anyone interested in getting some great photos of some of the most iconic landscapes in DC!


Rachel is a tremendous teacher when it comes to photography! Going in, I had 0 knowledge on how to use my camera. She made sure I was comfortable with adjusting settings, lenses, and different angles. I feel MUCH more comfortable taking portraits of my wife now. I'm looking forward to keeping in touch and I highly recommend her for any photography needs.


Was a wonderful experience - a perfect mix of professional guidance that improved our photography skills while also sharing a perspective that changed the way we saw marquee locations we had visited many times in the past. We learned a lot - at our own pace - and had a lot of fun. Was a great family activity! Highly recommend!


Could not have asked for a better tour guide! Rachel was not only very knowledgeable about every site we visited, but she shared fascinating tidbits that deepened appreciation for the monuments and historical sites, cool tips about photography and iPhone features thar I didn’t know existed and was awesome storyteller. Very accommodating and personable. 10/10 recommend!

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